Bricks from all

Metric and imperial, domestic and imported, new and reclaimed.

Brick Specials

Purpose made and fabricated.


Lightweight and Traditional Brick Arches

Both structural and decorative.

Roof Tiles

Concrete and clay roof tiles,
machine made and
handmade roof tiles.


Natural and fibre cement.


UPVC, timber and aluminium.


Loose and in block format.


Reconstituted Stone

Wet and dry.

Prefabricated Chimneys

Using real brick slips.

Landscaping Products

Indian stone, block paving etc.


Maintenance Free Weatherboard and Timber Cladding


UPVC Fascia and Soffit
Guttering and all accessories.


Block and Beam Flooring


High Quality GRP
Canopies, dormers

Welcome to Brickmongers Wessex Ltd

Specialist Brick Merchants, Suppliers of Bricks & Roof Tiles, Southampton, Hampshire


With 25 years experience in the Brick Merchants industry, our aim is to save you time and money by providing an unbiased and comprehensive package of External Building materials for the outer skin of any building, no matter how large or small and in turn simplify your selection process. We cater for all sectors of the market from National House builders and Contractors to Architects and Self builders. We tailor our package accordingly, offering a full range of delivery options to suit your requirements. Because we are privately owned, we care more about our customers’ needs. Personal service is paramount, so much so that it has become part of our business ethos. Whilst some companies may cut corners, we endeavour to get to the core of your requirements. For example, our brick matching service:


Brick Matching Service

BenefitsOur brick matching service is based on the personal touch and we never attempt to match bricks other than by making a personal visit to site. Numerous Brick Merchants who offer brick matching services invite you to send in a photo and then they try to match it, while others lead you to their Brick Merchants website and suggest you look for yourself. Brickmongers Wessex are different. Whether we are being asked to match a small private extension or a grand listed building, we take pride in choosing the correct product for the job. By selecting from the vast range of bricks we have available, both nationally and from the European market, we can supply the lot. Handmade bricks, stock bricks and wire cuts. Glazed bricks, reclaimed bricks and engineering bricks, bespoke blends and special shapes and sizes - in fact if we can’t supply it, it’s probably no longer available, in which case we would supply the next best alternative. We will always provide a sample together with a no obligation quote, either directly or to your chosen builder/contractor. We will even submit the sample to the planner should you wish to do so.




HouseRemember ...


Bricks are probably the most important part of the fabric of any building. It is vital that when considering further development, the brick choice blends as naturally as possible and that’s where Brickmongers Wessex can assist.


Just give us a call or complete the enquiry form and we will do the rest.


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